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The Hopper Hideaway is a unique concept in small animal playhouses. The versatile design allows you to expand the Hideaway indefinitely in any configuration you’d like. In the basic configuration (pictured), two cardboard houses are joined by a tunnel in between. The houses have openings on all four sides in which additional tunnels can be inserted. The tunnels notch securely into the houses, and have a swinging door in the middle for more run-through fun.

The starter Hopper Hideaway set here includes two houses and one tunnel (as pictured); you can purchase additional houses and tunnels separately to make a larger play toy for your furry friend. Make a long straight line down a hallway, or a maze through the bunny room. The only limitation is your imagination!

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The cute ‘Twigloo’ design serves as a perfect spot for hiding or napping.

Made from a renewable source of hand-woven 100% willow. Totally edible and a safe chew source.

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Opie & Dixie’s Healing Paw Balm is the answer to your dog’s dry, cracked paws. Opie & Dixie’s customers love this safe, gentle treatment for sore paw pads. Works wonders during harsh winter and summer climates. Safe for bunnies, too.

Rub the ointment on sore, cracked paws after walks or long exposure to harsh elements. Not recommended for cut, blistered, or torn pads.

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The Carrot Fun Bed for rabbits and pocket pets is made from durable polyester fabric and plush lined for comfort –folds easily for storage.

The Carrot Fun Bed provides a snug sleeping spot for your pet.

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Doggon Wheels’ is a small company with over 30 years combined experience in meeting the needs of handicapped pets.

Owners Chad and Lori handle product development, wheelchair design, marketing, emails, fittings, and all the other things that come with being small business owners. They use their products on a daily basis, and are happy to have a great staff of experienced, caring people to help them in their endeavors:

Products include front-wheel drive wheelchairs, all-wheel drive quad chairs, rear-wheel drive wheelchairs, and front extensions.

Doggon’ Wheels carries or can construct wheelchairs and other products for other types of pets, including cats, rabbits, goats, gerbils, rats (yes, rats!), ferrets, pot-bellied pigs, lemurs, oppossums, and more.

Doggon’ Wheels also carries anti-slip spray, splints, paw protectors, support slings, and doggie diapers.

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Berry Heart Cookies

These Berry Heart cookies from American Pet Diner make a nice treat for your companions. Blueberry and strawberry flavored. (Note: cookie name changed from Blueberry Cobbler to Berry Heart, but they have the same ingredients.)

Each 1.75 oz. (57 g) bag contains approximately 8 to 10 cookies. No wheat or corn added. The Busy Bunny suggests giving your rabbit no more than one cookie a day.

Since 1987, The Busy Bunny has manufactured edible toy treats for pet rabbits. Lisa started the business because she needed chew treats for her bunny, Spenser, and could not find any. A local pet store agreed to sell the baskets that Lisa made, and The Busy Bunny was born.

Busy Bunny products are designed with pet rabbits in mind. The company has carefully researched all of the ingredients to ensure that they are as safe and wholesome for your rabbit as possible. The rabbit products, rabbit treats, and rabbit food that The Busy Bunny carries are all natural, and completely edible; even the baskets are edible. The baskets are made of untreated willow and are filled with a variety of treats, including pinecones, timothy hay, alfalfa, alfalfa cubes, and twigs from certified organically grown apple trees. The Busy Bunny is very concerned with the quality and safety of its products, and only sells products the owners would give to their own bunnies.

The Busy Bunny uses recycled or reused packing materials whenever possible, and composts all of the unusable hay.

The Busy Bunny also carries a selection of other items, including books, jewelry, calendars, and notecards.

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Peter’s Rabbit Walking Jacket allows pet rabbits to explore their environment while wearing this comfortable, stylish combination.

The velcro and quick snap buckle on the Peter’s Rabbit Walking Jacket allow for easy on/off and safety. Completely adjustable to fit various size rabbits. Elasticized leash allows for extra “give.”

Durable cotton designer fabrics are machine washable. Comes in assorted patterns and colors.

RabbitStop.com offers many other products for rabbits, including beds, homes, carriers, food, treats, health care items, grooming products, and toys.

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Cottontail Cottage

Available from Bunny Bytes, the Cottontail Cottage has two upper levels with ramps between for easy jumping access, and several doors and windows for running through and peeking out. The cutouts and graphics give it the look of a quaint cottage, which will look nice in any living room. There’s even a blank name sign above one of the doors to write your bunny’s name. Cats like it too!

Made of chew-safe cardboard. Measures 24 in. tall by 18 in. square (a bit smaller than the Lazy Cat Lodge, which measured 27 in. tall by 20 in. square). Available with either brown or green printing.

Bunny Bytes, outfitters of the urban rabbit, carries a variety of products for rabbits, including litter, feed and hay, digestive supplements, grooming and first aid products, and gifts, as well as products for guinea pigs.

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Bunny Bunch Maze Haven

The Maze Haven from Bunny Bunch Boutique for rabbits reconfigures into a whole new maze in just minutes. It enriches your animal’s life with the ultimate activity center that encourages play, exploration, and exercise. Build single stories, or even a double story, all from the same maze kit.

Irresistible for rabbits whose survival instincts drive them to mentally map out their surroundings for escape routes and hideout, the Maze Haven keeps them on their toes with ever-changing possibilities. A great place to nap and play!

Bunny Bunch Boutique carries other products for rabbits, as well chinchilla and guinea pig supplies, plus gifts and jewelry.

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Surprise Treat Bag for Rabbits

The Surprise Treat Bag for Rabbits is stuffed with timothy hay, rosemary, bay leaves, wood chews, and pine cones. Topped off with apple twigs, a wood chew and sisal. Give the whole bag to your bunny and watch the fun!

The great news…. profits from the sale of this item help provide care for more than 300 rescued rabbits.

Since 1987, The Busy Bunny has manufactured edible toy treats for pet rabbits. Lisa started the business because she needed chew treats for her bunny, Spenser, and could not find any. A local pet store agreed to sell the baskets that Lisa made, and The Busy Bunny was born.

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