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A Pet’s Life offers a high quality collection of personalized gifts to welcome a new pet to your home, display everyday memorable moments, as well as help memorialize your beloved companion’s life.


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Paws2Heaven Custom Pet Urns

Paws2Heaven can help you create a pet urn that honors your companion’s memory. The bond that you have formed with your companion will last eternally. Saying your final goodbyes with a proper memorial urn not only honors that special relationship, it can also comfort you through the grieving  process, helping you to heal and love again.

When you have suffered pet loss, you can trust Paws2Heaven to help you preserve the memory of your cat or dog with care and consideration. Paws2Heaven understands that each individual’s situation is unique, therefore, its staff strives to help you create a pet urn or remembrance item that reflects the special relationship with your pet.

Paws2Heaven’s products include dog urns adorned with breed figurines, cat urns with cat figurines, pet cremation urns, angel figurines, memorial candles, dog angel pins, cat angel pins, dog picture frames, and musical globes. Custom engraving is available for some products.

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The Upholstered Urn

The Upholstered Urn from Ashes to Ashes is a cozy addition to what is currently available for ashes or other memorial keepsakes. Simply put a container of ashes in this urn, close it, and you’re done. The result is a splendid and very decorator-friendly urn.

The secret treasure can rest in virtually any cozy location on a desk, a shelf, or the mantel.

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Avalon Mahogany Urn

The Avalon Mahogany Urn is a quality urn with a brown earth tone finish and a screw top lid to insert ashes.

Best Friend Services turns the loss of your pet into memories.

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Portrait Pet Urn

Traditional Edition Portrait Pet Cremation Urns have the appearance of a conventional photo frame for those who want a creative yet subtle way to keep their pet nearby. These rich-looking cat and dog urns are handsome enough for home or office.

Exclusively crafted for Angel Ashes, seven coats of finish have been applied to the Portrait Urn’s Rosewood veneer. The Portrait dog cat urns are available in two sizes, small and medium. The small Portrait Urn holds a 3-1/2″ x 5″ photo and provides for pets up to 30 lbs. The medium Portrait Pet Urn holds either a 4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 7″ photo, comes with a mat for a 4″ x 6″ photo and provides for pets up to 80 lbs. The frame will stand on a flat surface or can be hung on a vertical surface (hanger is provided).

  • Designed to look like a conventional photo frame.
  • Frames can be placed in either a vertical or horizontal position, on a flat surface or hung on a wall.
  • A solid brass nameplate, inscribed with your personal inscription, is mounted in the matching vertical or horizontal layout. The nameplate is included at no additional charge.

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Full-Size Horse Urn

Made from solid red oak lumber, the Full Size Horse Urn from Mainely Urns holds the ashes of an up to 2000-lb. horse.

The Horse Urn comes with two (2) unattached 4″x 6″ photo holders which you can attach in either a vertical or horizontal position, depending on your personal preferences (double-sided tape provided for easy attachment). You also receive two (2) engraved brass nameplates for personalization at no additional charge.

Your horse’s bagged ashes are installed through removable bottom panel which is secured with screws.

Started online in 2003, the mission of Mainely Urns is and has always been to provide the easiest and most economical way for families to buy cremation urns (burial urns and pet cremation urns) for cats, dogs, horses, and other pets on the web. Mainely Urns is different because it specializes in the personalization of cremation urns (making a generic urn unique with engraving, appliqués and natural materials) and offers the most extensive, unique, and price-conscious collection of urns around.

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Lotus Blossom Pet Urn

The Lotus Blossom Pet Urn from Best Friend Services is a colorful enameled lotus blossom and floral design.

The urn is crafted of solid brass. Not engraveable. The lid is threaded for secure storage.

Available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Best Friend Services was created to help people like you through a difficult time — the loss of a friend and family member. They want to give you the resources you need to help you through your loss. You and your pet enjoyed a lifetime together. Pet cremation urns and other pet loss memorials transisition the loss of your pet into memories.

Selecting a pet memorial is a process that most people do only once or twice in their lives, whether for a pet’s planned euthanasia or an untimely death. Whatever the circumstance, Best Friend Services respects your needs. With that in mind, its web site will allow you to gather as much information as possible. Be assured that if and when you contact Best Friend Services, you can expect the same consideration and sensitivity.

Products include figurine urns, stone urns, ceramic urns, metal urns, markers, pendants, and sympathy gifts.

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LovedPet Laser Engraved Urns

LovedPet is devoted to memorializing our pets, and their loyal and playful presence in our lives.

LovedPet’s laser engraved urns are unique and beautiful, crafted from hard woods: oak, maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany, or another of your choice.

By request, a hand-drawn rendering of a scene or portrait of your pet will be engraved by a laser artist.

As an alternative, or additionally, poems of your creation or from LovedPet’s gallery of poetry can be laser inscribed.

There are numerous urn styles from which to make a selection.

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