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V.L. Designs offers custom oil painted portraits, featuring your pet, as if he or she were painted by one of the great master painters.

There are Dog Portraits, Cat Portraits, Horse Portraits, and even a few people portraits. Valerie Leonard offers genuine oil paintings and giclee prints created with reference to photographs you provide.

If you are looking for a ‘Unique’ or stylized Pet image, check out the Pop Art Portraits for the special effects or glicee Valerie can do based on your photograph.

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The Canvas Dog Pet Portraits

Nina Otulakowski is a talented professional pet portrait artist  specializing in fine art dog portraits. She focuses on capturing that unique bond that you have with your pet. Large scale paintings, quick sketches, and pen & pencil drawings  round out her creative repertoire.

Nina’s work is featured in local as well as national publications. Her work can be found in private collections in Canada and the United States. With the Canvas Dog Studio, Nina gets to encompass two of her greatest passions: art and dogs.

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Pet Portraits by Cherie Vergos

Pet Portraits by Cherie Vergos bring your pet’s unique personality to life in vibrant, full-color detail.

These beautiful pet portraits are drawn from your favorite photos (used as a reference), which are mailed back to you unharmed, along with your finished portrait.

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Art Paw Custom Pet Portraits

The humans in charge at ArtPaw.com are Dan & Rebecca Collins. Art Paw has been around since 1998. The business was the very first of its kind on the web and continues to offer the largest contemporary Art Gallery for hip and cool urban animals. Both Dan & Rebecca have a lifelong passion for art and animals. Art Paw allows them to join these two passions along with their ongoing affair with their Macintosh.

Xena (16″ x 20″ Cat Portrait on Canvas)

Using the latest technology these artists can turn your ordinary pet snapshots into works of fine art. With over 25 years of training in painting, drawing and graphic design, the artists take a traditional and highly layered approach to their work. The attention to detail is high and you will often find artistic drips and splatters of “digital paint.” Their painterly style is somewhat loose and occasionally messy, just like real modern oil paintings. It is this unique approach to playing with pixels that sets their work apart from other computer artists who sometimes rely on filters alone to do the work. Rebecca is a big fan of Photoshop and yet she believes that no software created can take the place of a trained eye. Rebecca uses only the very highest quality materials in her work.

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Bark & Smile Pet Portraits is a full-service photography business committed to capturing the essence and unique personality of each animal photographed.

Kim Levin is a New-York based photographer who specializes in pet portraiture. Her company, Bark & Smile Pet Portraits, combines her passion for photography and her love of animals.

Kim is the photographer and author of Why We Love Dogs, Why We Really Love Dogs, Why We Love Cats, Dogs Love?, and Dogs Are Funny. Kim also photographed Dogma, A Way of Life, Working Dogs: Tales from Animal Planet’s K-9 to 5 World, and Erin Go Bark! and For the Love You Give, both written by her husband John O’Neill. Kim’s books have sold over 230,000 copies to date and have been published in Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, and Portuguese.

The Bark & Smile product line currently includes greeting cards, mugs, journals, calendars, e-greetings, postcard books, note cards, and magnetic pads. Bark & Smile donates a portion of proceeds to animal humane organizations.

Kim Levin is available for commissioned portrait sessions with you and your pet. She photographs throughout the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area.

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Dog lovers, cat lovers, horses, birds, rabbits, ferrets or hamsters! Whatever your favorite pet is, Peternity has the perfect blanket for you. Curl up to read or watch TV in a cozy personalized pet blankets. Peternity has one for your pet too!

Snuggle up into a blanket of cozy cotton with a picture of your beloved pet wrapped around you, or wrap a lush chenille throw around you with words of affection discreetly embroidered in the corner.

These all make wonderful gifts and can also be custom made for people, babies, birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day. Use your imagination and have fun!

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Milo’s Pet Paintings

Milo’s Pet Paintings offers dog, cat, and other pet portraits, all hand painted.

Custom cat and dog paintings make the perfect pet lover gift.

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A pet has many different roles in its owners life over time — psychiatrist, best friend, exercise partner, guardian, and even at times, a big nuisance. But whether good or bad, a pet’s role is always a precious one.

An original, oil-painted portrait plays a similarly precious role. A pet portrait is a great way to celebrate the wonderful personality and character of those we love and wish to cherish. Pet portraits also make a unique gift as a personal work of fine art.

A professionally educated artist, Anna creates pet portraits that are a beautiful rendering of your beloved pet in a sensitive yet realistic style. The portraits are original, commission, high-end, fine art made only with the finest oil paints on hand-stretched canvas. All portraits are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Margaret Bryant and Teri Walker work together to create images that capture the personality of your pet and the relationship between you and your pet.

Their knowledge of dog behavior, dog training and considerable patience aid them in creating memorable portraits of you and your pups. Teamwork and a love for animals create a comfortable atmosphere of imagination to capture the spirit and personality of their canine portrait subjects.

Package pricing at Margaret Bryant Dog Photography is based on a session fee for the time and talent of the photographer and includes a credit towards your portrait purchases. There may be extra fees for location sessions.

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Pet Portraits by Steph Dix

Steph Dix is a professional illustrator and portrait artist who offers high quality pet portraits in pencil or watercolour. She is based in the UK, but receives commissions from all over the world.

Pet portraits can be completed at short notice if required. Simply provide a good quality photograph of the animal you wish to be represented in the portrait. Copies can be sent to you by email/post before purchase to ensure satisfaction. There is no obligation to purchase after viewing, unless you are 100% satisfied.

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