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The Smart Pet Doorbell alerts you when your dog needs in or out.

Say goodbye to the scratching, whining, and barking when your best friend needs to visit the backyard. You’ll stop waiting in the doorway, impatient for his return. The Smart Pet Doorbell from PetSafe has an audible tone that tells you she’s ready. A must-have for busy homes.

Product features:

  • Alerts you when your pets need in or out
  • Detects your pet’s Smartkey® from inside and out
  • Mounts securely on door, wall, or glass
  • Adjustable detection range up to 15 feet
  • Personalize it with your favorite pet photo
  • Adjustable volume levels
  • Low battery indicator
  • Recognizes up to 5 pets
  • Requires 3 “C” batteries (not included)
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

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The Classy Custom Pet Portal is a new category of pet door.

Featuring an elegant modern design, the Classy Custom Pet Portal can be used with or without the addition of a Decorative frame, such as the Country Floral Decorative Frame Set shown above. Classy Custom Pet Portals are available in stainless steel or durable plastic.

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In today’s society, homeowners go to great lengths to secure the locks on all doors in their home, utilizing the latest security gadgets and technologies. Pet doors should be no different. The PetSafe Electronic Smart Door is the only battery-powered pet door that allows up to 5 dog/cat collar key codes. It also has a smaller flap size, 3 modes, and a weather-tight seal. Using radio frequency, the Electronic SmartDoor identifies your pet, allowing him or her to freely enter and exit your home while keeping unwanted elements out.

Winner of the 2007 Editor’s Choice Award by Pet Product News International, the PetSafe Electronic Smart Door is the perfect addition to the “smart house.” Unique and innovative, the Electronic Smart Door is operated by the lightweight SmartKey worn as an everyday tag on your pet’s collar. The SmartKey communicates with the Smart Door through a radio frequency (versus infrared sensors which requires a specific line of sight from key to door) and unlocks the door as the pet approaches and relocks automatically as the pet enters or exits. The SmartKey works like a garage door opener, so as long as your pet is in the range you’ve selected, the door will unlock. Designed for the pet’s safety and convenience, the door has three levels of security — Automatic (unlimited entry through use of SmartKey), Always Unlocked, and Always Locked – and is battery powered, freeing the home of unwanted, hazardous cords.

“The Electronic Smart Door combines state-of-the-art technology with the convenience of a pet door, ultimately redefining luxury and safety for the pet owner,” says David Anderson, Director of Pet Access, PetSafe. “Pet owners can have piece of mind knowing their pets are given access to indoor and outdoor environments without having to worry about sweeping up leaves or chasing unwanted neighborhood pets.”

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