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The PetPatch® Loop is a lightweight but durable device with an innovative push button “on/off” switch and a treatment area that is a 12 cm x 5 cm oval defined by the antenna. This shape is especially useful on joints and other locations where flexibility is important.  Successfully used on sores, and acute and chronic conditions, the unit works for 720 hours of use.


A primary cause of pain is the swelling of the tissues associated with inflammation. Swelling mechanically disrupts nerve endings producing acute pain, and also in cellular secretion of pain producing substances, which result in pain in the inflamed region. By stimulating increased blood flow to the injured site, the device truncates the inflammation phase and reduces swelling and significantly reduces pain.

How PetPatch Loop Works  

The PetPatch Loop uses modulated radio frequency (RF) to induce a low frequency electric field in the tissue. Because the therapy is placed right on the skin, it is able to use a lower energy field than traditional machines. PetPatch Loop units emit a 27.1 MHz RF shortwave modulated at 1 KHz using 100 microsecond pulses. The RF waves create an induced electrical field in the damaged tissue in an eddy pattern that restores the normal cell metabolism. This innovative modulated therapy packs the healing of big pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) systems into a low-power wearable and affordable patch. There is no perceptible sensation from the treatment.  The area of effective treatment of a device mirrors the size and shape of the area of the patch or antenna.

PetPatch Loop Benefits

  • Relieves joint, muscle and tendon pain
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Improves mobility
  • Accelerates healing of wounds, incisions, bruises and hematomas
  • Has no contra-indications or side-effects

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AllPetMed is a Vet-VIPPS accredited pet pharmacy that offers the best prices on pet medications, pet foods, and pet supplies.


AllPetMed offers a Meet or Beat best price guarantee against any Vet-VIPPS competitor. Simply contact AllVetMed and they will be happy to assist you.

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Equine Thumper Massager

Horse trainers have discovered what doctors, chiropractors and professional athletes have known for years, that Thumper® works. The Thumper was designed by a chiropractor to use on his patients and has proven just as effective on equines.

Thumper has been used with remarkable success on racehorses, hunter/jumpers, rodeo and reining horses. Dressage horses, 3-day eventers, professional cutting horses, polo ponies, draft horses and chuck wagon teams. Even if your horse is not an athlete, Thumper is great for horses that don’t get enough exercise or those who just need some pampering. It also has proven to be very successful for ease of delivery of foaling mares.

Thumper is ideal for horses in training or competition, recovering from an injury and those who are nervous or “sour”. Thumper relieves muscle aches and relaxes and improves the attitude of difficult horses. Your horse will enjoy being massaged , and both you and your horse will benefit from the results.

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Pete’s Equine Remedy

Pete’s Equine Remedy is an all-purpose, all-natural, medicinal skin care product which promotes hair growth and helps heal a variety of skin problems such as: dermatitis, sweet itch, rain rot, small abrasions, stitches, sarcoids, fungus over rubbed manes and tails, cools down itchy skin, etc.

FrogWorks also carries products for dogs and cats.

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Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies were chosen as the “#1 Horse Treat” and top in “Product of the Year” both by The Horse Journal and John Lyons’ Perfect Horse.

Made of oats, wheat bran, rolled barley, cane molasses, apples, and water (no additives or preservatives).

These are dehydrated (not baked), making them hard and crunchy so they won’t crumble in your pocket. One-hundred-percent satisfaction guaranteed. All-natural ingredients.

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Pete’s Equine Remedy

Pete’s Equine Remedy, available from FrogWorks, is an all-purpose, all-natural, medicinal skin care product which promotes hair growth and helps heal a variety of skin problems such as: dermatitis, sweet itch, rain rot, small abrasions, stitches, sarcoids, fungus over rubbed manes and tails, and cools down itchy skin.

Frances Fitzgerald Cleveland has worked with horses for more than 25 years in a range of disciplines. Her aspirations started with horses and grew to include people and other animals. In 1996, Frances founded her company, FrogWorks. She has always aimed to heighten the well-being of people and animals naturally, through individualized use of essential oils.

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Dynamite Marketing makes all-natural dog food, horse feed and food, and nutritional supplements for virtually all members of the animal kingdom.

“Our father always stressed that there is no better place to put time and effort than into your own business,” said Novak, whose company was started by her great-grand parents. “When you work hard, it’s your own stock that goes up. We know that a rising tide raises all ships. When it’s a family relationship, there is no reason for one of us to try to undermine the other.”

Dynamite Marketing has long developed all-natural food and nutritional supplements for prize-winning racehorses and working dogs across the country.

Its specialists can recommend exactly what vitamins, minerals, and other supplements best support dogs with arthritis, horses with laminitis, cats whose owners make their own food, and cows with digestive issues.

Dynamite uses only natural ingredients, made in the United States for better quality control. Throughout its history, it has always looked at alternatives to animal by-products, antibiotics, chemical preservatives, fumigants, artificial coloring, and other additives that have later caused health problems.

Its manufacturing processes are so stringently controlled that Dynamite has a separate mill to produce feed for herbivores, such as horses and poultry, that are especially sensitive to contamination from meat needed by other species, such as dogs and cats.

Its Ultimate Dog Food is a raw dog food that does not need to be refrigerated.

Dynamite has worked with veterinarians and university researchers to produce specialty foods to correct nutritional deficiencies in animals ranging from Canadian muskoxen to peregrine falcons to zoo exotics.

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Fly Wraps

Fly Wraps are the most effective, non-toxic, all-natural, lower leg fly protection horse products available.

Fly Wraps are the original mesh leg wraps, patented with a registered trademark, and designed to cover and protect from the knee area down to the top of the horse’s hoof, bringing comfort and easing the distress horses suffer from this one area on their bodies that nature can’t protect from biting flies and insects. Acting as an insecticide-free, breathable, barrier leg guard, Fly Wraps provide twenty-four hour protection and have become a welcome addition to the line-up of equine fly control and leg care products that horse owners use to protect their horses from flies, mosquitoes. and crawling insects.

This mesh leg boot acts as a ‘screen door’ fly repellent and literally stops the ‘stomping and stamping’ associated with horses’ attempts to eliminate pesky flies and insects from their legs. Like the fly mask and fly sheets, Fly Wraps are summer, seasonal horse clothing. They are consistently sought out by Olympic riders, farriers, tack shops, and renowned horse trainers, and have won rave reviews on pet and equine websites, along with numerous articles in equine trade magazines, nationally and internationally.

Fly Wraps also double as a medical bandage and are used by many veterinarians. They are breathable air-flow ‘stretch strap’ bandages that cover and create an effective barrier against infection while keeping insects at bay and allowing air to continually reach and circulate, thus healing wounds, cuts, surgical stitches, and incisions up to ten times (10x) faster than normal cloth bandages.

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Rio Vista Equine Shampoo

Rio Vista Equine Shampoo fights bacteria.

Here’s how it can help your horse:

  • Defends against the local fungus. Washing your horse reduces bacteria growth and that means he or she is less likely to get the local fungus from other horses.
  • It defends against girth itch and makes for a more comfortable ride for you and your horse.
  • Keeps the skin healthy. Conditioners improve the skin and make it soft and healthy.
  • Brings out the natural highlights and gives your horse a mirror shine.
  • Rinses out easily, saving you time when you groom.

Rio Vista Products favors a natural approach to animal care using the highest quality cosmetic grade ingredients rather than the industrial grade used by other animal care products.

Rio Vista believes horses and dogs deserve the very best. Therefore, it produces the finest animal care products sold in tack, feed, and pet stores. The company backs its commitment with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Horse products including hoof stix, hoof picks, equine shampoo, tail and mane conditioner, supplements, and liniments.

Dog products include shampoos, conditioners, and detanglers.

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HorseSaddleShop.com is proud to offer Circle Y’s Kelly Kaminski Big Dreams barrel racing saddles. Kelly Kaminski is a two-time World Champion and four-time qualifier for the National Finals Rodeo. She joined Circle Y’s Team of Champions in 2006 and recently partnered with Circle Y to create a line of barrel racers that she believes will help others pursue their big dreams.

The Big Dreams saddle line includes four unique barrel racing saddles. Their special features include genuine stingray hide seats, unique hand tooling, and Kaminski’s own double breast collar dee design. In an interview with the Horse Saddle Shop Kaminski explained, “The double breast collar dee was designed for people who are riding different horses. One may have a narrow chest and one may have a wider chest. The design is to accommodate the difference so that the breast collar hangs in the right place comfortably without hindering performance.”

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