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Being a cat can be stressful, and being a kitten can be even worse. With the Calming Cat Collar, kitty can feel a bit more comfortable with his or her surroundings and stop the negative reactions.

These calming cat collars mimic the pheromones that a mother cat produces to soothe her kittens, thus stopping behavioral issues such as urine marking, scratching, aggression, and hiding. Ideal for stressful or fearful situations such as vet visits, traveling, and the introduction of new pets.

The collars are breakaway-designed, fit necks up to 15″, and last for up to one month.

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Vetericyn® Hot Spot Spray is a safe and effective treatment for a common skin condition found in dogs, cats, and other pets known as acute moist dermatitis or “hot spots.”

Hot spots are bacterial infections that develop on the skin, typically appearing as moist, raw, inflamed lesions in areas where moisture becomes trapped against the skin. The wounds tend to be painful and itchy, and pets will commonly scratch and bite the area in distress. This can cause the infection to spread rapidly, and in serious cases, the animal may require antibiotics or painkillers.

For the health and comfort of the pet, it is advisable to treat the hot spot quickly. Vetericyn® Hot Spot Spray is formulated to be as gentle as water, has no odor and does not sting when applied to the animal. The one-step product works within seconds to clean and treat the wound area and jump-starts the healing process. It is safe to the eyes, mouth, and nose, and poses no risk if ingested by the animal.


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The Back on Track Ceramic Mesh Sheet from Dover Saddlery helps improve mobility and performance in horses. The sheet is used and recommended by top veterinarians all over the world. It aids in injury prevention as well as pain management. You can personalize your sheet with a monogram.

The Back on Track Ceramic Mesh Sheet helps horse’s muscles recover faster and is useful for sore or cold backs and sore shoulders. Leave on overnight for best results or use to warm up muscles prior to exercise. Breathable mesh material interwoven with a polypopylene/polyester thread embedded with a fine ceramic powder that reflects the horse’s own heat. Noticeable improvement usually occurs in just a short time. Mesh sheet includes chest buckles, crossed belly surcingles, and a tail flap.


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