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Doggon Wheels’ is a small company with over 30 years combined experience in meeting the needs of handicapped pets.

Owners Chad and Lori handle product development, wheelchair design, marketing, emails, fittings, and all the other things that come with being small business owners. They use their products on a daily basis, and are happy to have a great staff of experienced, caring people to help them in their endeavors:

Products include front-wheel drive wheelchairs, all-wheel drive quad chairs, rear-wheel drive wheelchairs, and front extensions.

Doggon’ Wheels carries or can construct wheelchairs and other products for other types of pets, including cats, rabbits, goats, gerbils, rats (yes, rats!), ferrets, pot-bellied pigs, lemurs, oppossums, and more.

Doggon’ Wheels also carries anti-slip spray, splints, paw protectors, support slings, and doggie diapers.

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This is decadent: Wild Caught Sole Marinated in Organic Strawberries. First, MomoFood starts off with top-quality, wild-caught sole, cut into small chunks, then it vacuum pressure marinates the sole in pureed organic strawberries for 24 hours. The vacuum pressure marinating forces the pureed organic strawberries deep into the sole. There are lots of fresh organic strawberries in this treat.

Wild Sole Marinated in Organic Strawberries is a great all-natural organic treat for cats, ferrets, and small dogs.

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The fleece-lined hanging nap sack lets your ferret stretch out full or burrow down into the hanging hammock.

Hide-away center in the nap sack allows ferrets to use natural burrowing instinct. Rugged. Has fleece lined center. Clips easily to most wire cages.

The mission of Virtual Future Pets is to offer the highest quality and most conscientiously researched products to customers, and to make shopping for those products a pleasure.

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Kritter Double Fleece Snuggle Sacks, available from Kritter Koncepts, are made with high-quality, thick fleece, doubled and knotted on the end corners.

Ferrets like to see how many they can fit in the sack at one time! The sack will keep your ferret(s) comfortable all year round.

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The Ferret Safety Lead & Harness is ideal for prairie dogs, ferrets, iguanas, and many other critters.

The harness is easy-on, easy-off. Completely adjustable, not heavy or bulky, and will not slip or bind. Made of nylon and is completely washable. 6 ft. long.

Brisky Pet Products cares for the most important exotic pet in the world – yours. The company carries grooming, bedding, treats, travel, and other products for birds, pot bellied pigs, rats, mice, sugar gliders, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, and other exotic pets.

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It will look like a big green frog has eaten your ferret!

This interactive Leisure Lodge from Ferret Depot will provide a cozy sleeping and play area for your pet. It offers three access points for your ferret to come or go and can be used inside or outside of the ferret’s home. Also, it can connect with other Marshall products to make an interactive play area.

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Ferret Nest 3 Tube

The Ferret Nest 3 Tube from Ferret Depot offers a 12″ x 12″ nest at the top to laze around in or three different 7″ diameter tubes to run, climb, and play through.

This is a heavy-duty piece of furniture that several ferrets could have a good time on. Made of durable materials and the carpet comes in assorted beige and earth-tone colors. Approximate dimensions are 12″ x 12″ x 26″ high.

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Pet Tents by Hangall are snuggly fabric havens for parrots, birds, cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, and other small pets.

The tents are available from Windy City Parrot in several sizes.

  • Tent easily collapses for storage.
  • Pops open for continued use anywhere.
  • Fabric loop at top
  • Lined bottom
  • Inside pocket to insert cardboard square to firm bottom. Easily replaceable.
  • Made in the USA
  • Tropical fabric patterns vary

For extra comfort, try washable Hangall Fleece liners inside the tent.

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