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There are plenty of pet megasites out there that are run by people who wear expensive suits with no pet hair on them. BaxterBoo.com is run by Josh & Jeremy, two guys who have been friends since childhood, and who know a thing or two about how folks like to be treated.

Kodiak Dog Coat

We personally inspect every item we carry. We stock only those products that we would give to our own four-legged friends and that represent the best mix of fun, quality and value. When you shop at BaxterBoo.com, your order receives personal attention from our warehouse staff (and often sniffs of approval from a resident dog or cat). Your order will almost always be shipped the same day.
We provide special discounts to existing customers because we value our relationships. We take personal pride in ensuring that you’re satisfied with your order and that you’ll tell your friends about Baxter Boo. We’re a small company and we like it that way. Sure, we don’t have the advertising budgets of most of our competitors, but we can take the time necessary to be sure that you get the level of service that you deserve.

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Bowhouse is Sydney, Australia’s favorite pet store.


Bowhouse believes passionately in doing the right thing. They’re not here to sell you anything; they’re here to advise and help you buy.

The folks at Bowhouse love animals, particularly our furry four-legged friends. They are particularly passionate about dogs and cats. They like to stick to what they’re good at, so they don’t supply products for horses, fish, birds, reptiles, or other creatures.

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Modern pet parents looking for stylish, safe, and durable toys that stand out from the pack, rejoice! Introducing the petprojekt “holo” toy collection, including the holobal, holobal football, and holobon.

Bichon maltais blanc assis & coquin sur fond blanc

Image courtesy of petprojekt

Designed with a hollow center, each of these highly stylized toys is easily stuffed with tempting treats or other even other toys. Made with 100% natural rubber for a super-chewy texture, the “holo” toys are uniquely lightweight and durable. And because petprojekt’s entire line of products is brightly colored, the “holo” toys are highly visible, easy to find, and perfect for playing outdoors. Available in three color options – green, blue, and pink – and two different sizes, the holobal, holobal football, and holobon offer dogs hours of safe, healthy chewing fun.

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Play food or treat games with your pup and exercise their natural instincts. The Treat Wheel dog toy has 8 chambers for food or treats in which your dog must use their mouth to lift each cup to reveal the treats and then spin it to find more.

These interactive game toys for dogs exercise your dog’s natural instincts and are critical to a dog’s welfare. They are based on enrichment exercises that were first implemented in zoos to eliminate boredom of captive animals. Not to mention that every animals needs stimulation and enrichment.

The Treat Wheel dog toy teaches dogs how to solve problems while eliminating behavioral issues, increases mental stimulation, and helps you bond with your dog. They are an excellent way to challenge your dog’s mind in a way that training alone may not achieve.

Features include anti-slip pads, are non-toxic, and dishwasher safe. They are made with materials that comply with FDA guidelines for food contact. The Treat Wheel game toy measures 9″ D x 2″ H x 9″ W.

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Trey is different, and he doesn’t care in the least. Three eyes (the better to see you with, my dear) set off a face with real character. Super-soft baby fleece, feet, and a tuft of hair give him the kind of quirky character we love to see in dog toys.

Doesn’t he remind you of a dog you know? His 5 x 6 inch size is best for small and medium dogs.

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The Crunchy Possey is ready to keep your pet active and happy.  With squeakers in their paws and bungee legs, these floppy posseys provide a variety of ways to keep your dog’s attention.  Best of all, tucked inside their bellies is a recycled plastic bottle that can be replaced.  Made of soft corduroy plush and lined with Tuffut Technology®, they are as cozy as they are strong.


  • Made with Tuffut Technology®, a 3-step patent-pending process that delivers the pet industry’s strongest soft toy
  • Extra tough while still remaining light weight
  • Tested to withstand over 100lbs of tugging and pulling
  • No external seams that aggressive chewers can open easily
  • 2 sizes to choose from
  • Machine Washable

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The Pup-Casso Paint Kit is a no-mess, non-toxic paint kit that will let your dog bring out his or her inner artist.

The kit includes everything you need to let your dog create a work of art. Apply non-toxic acrylic paint to paper, cover with paw protector, and let your pup get creative. Kit also includes a picture frame for your pet’s masterpiece

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The Good Dog Toy Box from Petstages has an easy-open top that can stay open for your dog, if desired, so he or she can pick out toys.

The lid closes to keep your dog out, as needed, and the handle is great for carrying.

The fade-resistant fabric wipes clean, and the durable frame keeps its shape. You can fold away the toy box to save space when not in use.

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Here is a new and challenging way to feed your dog. This Aikiou (pronounced IQ) dog bowl puzzle keeps dogs occupied and helps to slow down their eating. Your dog solves the puzzle in each section to reveal the kibble or treat. The toes of the paw have sliding doors that reveal two separate compartments. The sections in the pad of the paw are revealed when your dog rotates the gray center.

This dog puzzle food bowl is completely washable; the gray cover come off so that you can thoroughly clean it. You can also use this entertaining dog puzzle with treats. This food-hunting puzzle is large enough for a large serving of kibble. This is a great dog food blow to help your dog slow down its eating.

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Simply Fido organic dog toys, available from Dogs in Harmony, are made of organic fabrics and all natural dyes. The toys are made of cotton that is organically grown and the fibers are unbleached, untreated, and unprocessed.  Natural extracts from plants and minerals such as gardenia seed, clove, and chestnut bur are used to dye the fibers. The toys are saliva resistant, machine washable, and incredibly soft and cuddly!

With Simply Fido toys, your pet’s toxicity and allergy levels are greatly reduced. Other products use pesticides and herbicides during cotton production, and chemical dyes during coloring, which can lead to allergies and sickness in pets. Simply Fido toys are 100% environmentally friendly.

Lolly Lamb is very soft and cuddly, is made with organic cotton, and has four squeakers.

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