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There are plenty of pet megasites out there that are run by people who wear expensive suits with no pet hair on them. BaxterBoo.com is run by Josh & Jeremy, two guys who have been friends since childhood, and who know a thing or two about how folks like to be treated.

Kodiak Dog Coat

We personally inspect every item we carry. We stock only those products that we would give to our own four-legged friends and that represent the best mix of fun, quality and value. When you shop at BaxterBoo.com, your order receives personal attention from our warehouse staff (and often sniffs of approval from a resident dog or cat). Your order will almost always be shipped the same day.
We provide special discounts to existing customers because we value our relationships. We take personal pride in ensuring that you’re satisfied with your order and that you’ll tell your friends about Baxter Boo. We’re a small company and we like it that way. Sure, we don’t have the advertising budgets of most of our competitors, but we can take the time necessary to be sure that you get the level of service that you deserve.

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Handcrafted and slow-cooked. That’s the difference in Phoebe & Louie’s Fresh Homemade Dog Food recipe formulations. Made with human-grade, whole-food ingredients like USDA meats and organic vegetables and fruits, each recipe is made with care in small batches to support a nutritionally balanced diet for pets.


The Phoebe & Louie brand is created by Jami Ippolito, a longtime animal lover and owner of the West Loop’s popular pet product boutique, Paw Naturals. The Chicago local exclusively uses locally sourced ingredients in her products, including USDA meats, fresh produce and popular superfoods — like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, pink Himalayan sea salt, kale, pumpkin, raw honey, turmeric, and sprouted seeds. And just as importantly, Phoebe & Louie’s never uses preservatives, artificial anything, GMO’s, growth hormones, gluten, corn, what, flour, soy, by-products, or fillers.

Their menu of Slow Cooked Stews, Breakfast Scrambles, Healing Broths, and Superfoods Frozen Desserts are carefully slow-cooked before being frozen fresh to retain the maximum amount of its ingredients’ nutrients, for a taste dogs love. Thoughtful, customized formulas are also available for pet parents seeking weight-loss or cancer support for their four-legged friend. Specialized recipes are also available to support weight-loss and more!

Phoebe & Louie’s is sold exclusively at Paw Naturals, with discounts for recurring orders and home delivery options. Stop by Paw Naturals, to share a free sample with your Fido.

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Souplements is 100% natural ready-to-serve soup for dogs made only with essential whole food ingredients.

A natural source of electrolytes, Souplements helps replenish decreased essential mineral levels in a dog’s body.

To reduce its impact on the environment, dogpeople carefully selects ingredients, packaging, and processing methods that minimize energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Souplements is available at select independent pet retailers, pet boutiques, and veterinary clinics. To find the retail outlet nearest you, click on the link to your state below.

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An excellent, highly palatable, high protein (24%) weight management food. Provides whole grains and balanced fiber sources to help maintain colon health.

LiveSmart™ Chicken and Brown Rice Weight Management Dog Formula is made with wholesome, high quality ingredients – the kind you would use for your own family. LiveSmart™ Dog Foods offer advanced nutrition, unparalleled freshness, and ultimate convenience.

About SmartPak Canine

It starts with quality food.

Food that’s nutritious and fresh. Always. The LiveSmart brand provided in SmartPaks is far different from grocery store brands. Other dog foods cut costs by using higher portions of grains and fillers, rather than the meat-based proteins dogs need most. What little meat they do contain might consist of 4D animals — diseased, disabled, dead, dying — that are banned from food for humans. LiveSmart Holistic food is made from chicken meat, grass-fed New Zealand lamb, fresh herbs, and vegetables. Food you would feed your family, but balanced for a dog’s needs.

With food pre-measured in SmartPaks, your dog will receive exactly the right amount of food every timem and not a kibble more. Veterinarians agree that portion control, combined with daily exercise, is critical to managing canine obesity. A study in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association showed that the median lifespan of Labrador Retrievers could be increased by 15 percent through calorie control. That’s two extra years of life for an average-sized breed.

SmartPaks make things easy. Easy to store. Easy to use. Just peel open a SmartPak and you’re done: Perfect portions, exact medications and supplements. Whether it’s a child, a pet sitter, or a boarding kennel feeding your dog, SmartPaks make it simple. And what could be easier than taking some SmartPaks along when you travel with your dog? Just grab a few and go.

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The Bone Appétit Bakery was founded on the basis of two very simple ideas: Produce a healthy, safe, and delicious treat for dogs and provide exceptional customer service to clients. Throughout the years or creative baking experience, Bone Appétit Bakery has inspired the brand it is known to be today – simply the best gourmet dog treats available. Delightful, delicious, and decadent – not just an ordinary dog bone! Treats are baked fresh daily and hand decorated with attention to every detail.

Peanut Butter Puppies are crunchy and decorated with beautifully hand-painted collars

Your dogs will love you for giving them Bone Appétit Bakery treats made with care from wholesome ingredients. As a pet parent, you’ll enjoy the warm feeling you get from giving your dogs a unique beautiful treat prepared especially for them.

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Surf ‘N Turf is just one of many delicious raw, frozen and freeze-dried dinners available from Stella & Chewy’s. At Stella & Chewy’s, they’re dedicated to the simple proposition that pets should be healthy and happy every day of their lives. And the quality of what you feed them should be as unconditional as the love they provide.

Stella & Chewy’s is the brainchild of Marie Moody, an avid animal lover. Marie rescued Chewy (a real dog with serious health problems) from an animal shelter in Los Angeles. Upon a veterinarian’s advice, she put him on a natural, raw diet. Chewy recovered and he and his best friend, Stella, thrived on this diet. With the help of veterinary nutritionists, Marie founded Stella & Chewy’s and has been serving nutritious, delicious meals to dogs ever since.

To create these exceptional products, Stella & Chewy’s starts with only wholesome ingredients like raw, natural meat, poultry or fish sourced from USDA-inspected facilities, plus organic fruits and vegetables – without added hormones or antibiotics. Surf ‘N Turf, for example, contains raw, wild Alaskan salmon and raw, naturally raised beef as well as organic cranberries, spinach, broccoli and beets. And just like all Stella & Chewy’s products, it’s made without grain, fillers, artificial preservatives or colorings – they didn’t even add sugar or salt.

According to Marie, it’s easy to see why dog owners should consider feeding their pets simpler, less processed food and treats. “Commercial pet foods are over-processed,” she explains. “Much of the nutritional value is cooked away.” In contrast, Stella & Chewy’s products are natural and raw, much closer to fresh. And “the closer foods stay to their natural state, the better they are.” Pet owners and veterinarians say that feeding a safe, complete and balanced raw diet can help support a healthy immune system, stamina and vitality, a healthy skin and coat and also a healthy appetite and digestion.

Plus, Stella & Chewy’s is produced with the exclusive SecureByNature™ food safety process (patent pending) designed to eliminate the threat of harmful bacteria naturally, while retaining the food’s nutrient value and flavor. And every batch they make is tested by an independent laboratory before packaging. Stella & Chewy’s is so confident in the quality and safety of their products, the test results are posted on their web site!

Dinners, including Stella’s Super Beef™, Chewy’s Chicken™, Duck Duck Goose®, Dandy Lamb™ and the new Surf ‘N Turf Dinners are available both frozen and freeze-dried. And a romp in the park just wouldn’t be complete without Carnivore Kisses™ and Carnivore Crunch™ treats.

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Dynamite Marketing makes all-natural dog food, horse feed and food, and nutritional supplements for virtually all members of the animal kingdom.

“Our father always stressed that there is no better place to put time and effort than into your own business,” said Novak, whose company was started by her great-grand parents. “When you work hard, it’s your own stock that goes up. We know that a rising tide raises all ships. When it’s a family relationship, there is no reason for one of us to try to undermine the other.”

Dynamite Marketing has long developed all-natural food and nutritional supplements for prize-winning racehorses and working dogs across the country.

Its specialists can recommend exactly what vitamins, minerals, and other supplements best support dogs with arthritis, horses with laminitis, cats whose owners make their own food, and cows with digestive issues.

Dynamite uses only natural ingredients, made in the United States for better quality control. Throughout its history, it has always looked at alternatives to animal by-products, antibiotics, chemical preservatives, fumigants, artificial coloring, and other additives that have later caused health problems.

Its manufacturing processes are so stringently controlled that Dynamite has a separate mill to produce feed for herbivores, such as horses and poultry, that are especially sensitive to contamination from meat needed by other species, such as dogs and cats.

Its Ultimate Dog Food is a raw dog food that does not need to be refrigerated.

Dynamite has worked with veterinarians and university researchers to produce specialty foods to correct nutritional deficiencies in animals ranging from Canadian muskoxen to peregrine falcons to zoo exotics.

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What if your dog is really taking you for a stroll around the block? The Perfect Leash® is here to bring comfort and enjoyment back to dog walking. Designed with the pet and owner in mind, the leash features a unique polyurethane design (no rubber or latex) that stretches with your dog’s natural movement. The super-strength polyurethane absorbs your dog’s energy and creates a smoother, more pleasurable walk for the both of you. The ergonomically designed, comfort grip handle is internationally patented and is completely unique.

Available from Just Ducky Products, the Perfect Leash® product line has grown to include a full-length leash, a heeler, leads, collars, and even a dog toy. They are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A, available in a wide variety of colors and guaranteed for life against manufacturer defects. They won’t crack, break, split, become brittle or scuff, and can withstand exposure to salt water, oil, ozone, and a laundry-list of other, common household chemicals.

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America loves its pets — and wobbly, fat cats and dogs are no exception. Chubby pets may be cute and cuddly, but they are also at risk for health problems. Halo, Purely for Pets has developed a line of holistic pet food products designed to keep pets lean and healthy.

Smart, holistic eating and regular exercise are not just for humans anymore. America’s cats and dogs are in need of a major makeover. “Unfortunately, people don’t see overweight pets as a problem,” says veterinary internist Dr. Donna Spector. But the health risks are real. Pet obesity is associated with canine and feline diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. According to Spector, having healthier pets begins with nutrition and exercise.

“Get your pet a full, medical checkup and talk to your veterinarian about a nutrition plan,” says Spector. “Pay attention to how much and how often you’re feeding your pet. And most importantly, exercise. Physical activity helps your pets just as much as it helps you, so get moving.”

Understanding what foods work best for cats, and which are best for dogs, is important too. “What type of diet is best for your pet? Commercial cat food is often high in carbohydrates, wreaking havoc on our kitties’ blood sugar levels and digestive systems,” Spector warns. Halo’s holistic cat food is meat based and specifically designed for optimal feline health. Healthy dog food from Halo (”Spot’s Stew”) keeps dogs strong and lean. “And watch the portions when you feed your pet: Two to four small portions a day is ideal,” says Spector.

As for exercise, pet owners can get creative. A walk or run with a dog is an easy task. Cats, on the other hand, need to be coaxed a bit more. Interactive cat toys or a game of “laser-pointer” can help to get your cat off of the couch and on the road to better health.

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Your pet is more than just a dog or a cat; they’re a best friend, a family member and a reason to smile every day. RedMoon Custom Pet Food gives you the power to improve your pet’s health through a customized diet of all-natural and fresh ingredients. Quality nutrition is the ultimate expression of love and thanks you can give the pet that’s always there for you.

RedMoon Custom Pet Food recognizes each pet’s uniqueness and how that uniqueness extends to dietary needs. As an owner, you should have the flexibility to customize your pet’s nutrition to help them through the challenges like allergies, sore joints, or digestive troubles that will occur during their lifetime. With RedMoon, you’ll be able to create formulas tailored to your pet’s dietary needs that contain only fresh, all-natural ingredients.

Your bag of RedMoon Custom Pet Food isn’t made until you order it. Guaranteed freshness means guaranteed delicious taste and optimal health for your pet.

Creating your own custom blend is this simple. First, select a base formula, which can range from High Protein Lamb & Potato Fusion for dogs to Salmon Salvation for cats. Then you can pick and choose from a wide variety of supplements to address your pet’s specific needs. RedMoon’s supplements are all-natural blends of nutraceuticals, herbs, enzymes, vitamins, essential trace elements, fatty acids, and oils. Canine supplements include Antioxidant Immune Booster, Digest-Aid, and High Gloss Skin & Coat Makeover, to name just a few. Feline supplements include Kidney & Urinary Health Booster and S.O.S. Hairball Relief.

“We fall in love with our pets because we see them as special and unique – different from all the rest,” says Jason Bailey, founder and president of RedMoon Custom PetFood, Inc. “Here at RedMoon, we believe it’s vital to continue treating them as unique, and that includes their diet. You know your pet better than anyone, and the ability to customize a diet just for them ensures they are getting the proper nutrition.”

The natural ingredients used in RedMoon products are the finest available – including regionally sourced antibiotic and hormone-free meats, whole raw fruits and vegetables, highly nutritious liver, and low-glycemic carbohydrate sources such as yellow peas, plus all-natural, chelated vitamins and minerals. Not only is RedMoon easy to customize, it’s easy to order, too. Design your own natural pet food online and have it delivered right to your door. You can even name your customized pet food after your furry friend. Three to five days later, your order will be delivered to your door.

RedMoon offers complete customer assurance, with a 110% satisfaction guarantee covering the refund of product and shipping; full details are available online.

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