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There are plenty of pet megasites out there that are run by people who wear expensive suits with no pet hair on them. BaxterBoo.com is run by Josh & Jeremy, two guys who have been friends since childhood, and who know a thing or two about how folks like to be treated.

Kodiak Dog Coat

We personally inspect every item we carry. We stock only those products that we would give to our own four-legged friends and that represent the best mix of fun, quality and value. When you shop at BaxterBoo.com, your order receives personal attention from our warehouse staff (and often sniffs of approval from a resident dog or cat). Your order will almost always be shipped the same day.
We provide special discounts to existing customers because we value our relationships. We take personal pride in ensuring that you’re satisfied with your order and that you’ll tell your friends about Baxter Boo. We’re a small company and we like it that way. Sure, we don’t have the advertising budgets of most of our competitors, but we can take the time necessary to be sure that you get the level of service that you deserve.

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Buddha Dog provides the conscious dog lover simple, hip, sophistication that embodies the love for their pets and embraces them as an integral part of the family.


With an organic sensibility, style and uniqueness, each product is designed with the environment in mind. Buddha Dog operates from its soul center, elevating their love and commitment for their pets and finding peace within this connection. Their products are handcrafted with love in their Connecticut studio.

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Spawned from the “cradle of civilization,” the Tigris dog collar from DublinDog is teaming with life and positive energy.

So don’t be in da-Nile (ba-dum-bum). This is the choice that will bring all land lovers to the water’s edge!

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The average pet parent walks 1,885 miles with his or her pet every year. The illuminating VIVID Collar was created with the specific purpose of keeping pets and their people safe and visible when light is limited. Reflective strips flank super-bright LED lights that can be adjusted to one of four unique settings. Sturdy enough to withstand daily wear-and-tear, the VIVID Collar features a secure metal buckle and tag loops for easy attachment to conventional leads. In addition, the collar is water resistant, making it perfect for use in any weather. The VIVID Collar is simple to re-charge via a wall outlet or a USB charger and can remain lit for up to 15 hours.

Available in three colors and a range of sizes to fit most any breed, trekking fans can pick-up a VIVID Collar for only $24.99.

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The Red Glitter Scrunchy Collar is the a fun way to dress up your dog for the holidays. Great for adding a finishing touch to holiday grooming. Elasticized collar slips on easily and fits comfortably.

The elf-style collar is accented with jingle bells and fits necks 10″-26.” Made of red polyester fabric woven with glittery thread.

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Right from your pet’s collar, your PetHub ID tag links to whatever information you choose to display. Has your pet gone missing? Anyone with a smartphone can scan the ID tag to display your pet’s important emergency contact information. If your pet’s finder is not smart-phone savvy, he/she can access the PetCard using the web address on the front of the tag.

You can also use the PetHub ID tag to store your pet’s medical, training, care, contact, biography information, and photos in a safe and private place. Then, share it with trusted care-providers, vets, and friends. Never have to write a weekend get-away-feeding-instructions sticky note again!

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The average pet parent walks 1,885 miles with his or her pet every year. Key doggie walk times are typically at dusk and dawn, when visibility is generally poor. Reflecting collars and leashes are helpful, and some illuminated options are available. But there has never been such a safe, comfortable and convenient illuminated collar until today.

The latest creation from The Company of Animals is the VIVID collar, and what really sets this tech-neck wear apart from the pack is its state-of-the-art features. Embedded in the collar’s generously padded webbing is a continuous row of super-bright LEDs flanked by both a reflective and glow-in-the-dark strip. Four light settings are selectable at the touch of a switch-slow-flashing, quick-flashing and permanently on, as well as an exclusive light-sensitive mode that activates the collar when it gets dark. These LEDs emit such a pure, powerful light, they can be seen up to 1,000 feet away.

In addition, pet parents are sure to appreciate the fact that they’ll never need to replace the batteries. That’s because the VIVID collar is fully rechargeable, just like a cell phone. They’ll also value its exceptional energy efficiency – when fully charged, the VIVID collar is good for up to 15 hours of continuous illumination. And when it’s time to recharge, pet parents can simply plug the collar into an AC outlet or use the handy USB charger. According to Eric Frost, Sales and Marketing Manager for The Company of Animals US, “The VIVID collar is the solution to pet owners’ concerns for both their pet and their own safety during walks early or late in the day. It’s the ultimate flashing collar!”

Constructed of tough, durable materials, the VIVID collar comes with a 1-year satisfaction guarantee. It is available in three colors and a range of sizes to fit almost any breed.

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The Hawaiian Beauty Canine Couture Collar is strung in ruby red Czech crystal glass beads and white faux pearls with silver-tone bead accents and a silver-tone spring ring closure.

The centerpiece of this necklace is a turquoise and pink silver-plate 30x29mm cloisonné heart pendant.

The beads are strung on durable stainless steel and nylon coated beading cable wire.

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The Perfect Leash is perfect for large and small dogs alike. As the leash stretches, it absorbs any pulling between the dog and the handler.

Available from Just Ducky Products, the Perfect Leash is perfect due to its patented design and material. The material is a proprietary polyurethane that stretches. It is impervious to most elements and will not break down in UV rays, extreme cold, or even by most household chemicals.

It features a patented handle that fits children and adults providing a comfortable grip. The leash is perfect for large and small dogs; as the leash stretches it absorbs any pulling between the dog and the handler. Your pets will benefit by not having the constant tension on their neck and shoulders.

Pulling dogs also benefit; the more energy they put forth in pulling the more they get back; you now have the perfect training aide to control your dog. Just walk and let the leash do its work.

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All hail the king! The Rockin’ Doggie Pewter Guitar Pick dog tag is perfect for your hunka, hunka burnin’ love.

Handcrafted by Rockin’ Doggie, and available from Rover In Clover, the Rockin’ Doggie Pewter Guitar Pick is made from durable, lead-free pewter and is finished with steel-tempered split rings. You can have your pet’s name and phone number engraved on the back, for free.

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