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When the original Think Like a Cat came out in 2000, it quickly became known as the “cat bible.” This fall, author Pam Johnson-Bennett published an updated version of the book. Among other places, you can purchase the book from the Tree House Humane Society (Chicago, Illinois 60640).

Ms. Johnson-Bennett is the most-cited cat behavior expert in the United States, and her ground-breaking Think Like a Cat approach to behavior and training was profiled on television, radio and in countless magazines and newspapers when the book was published.

Think Like a Cat is now considered the gold standard by behavior professionals, veterinarians, shelters, new cat owners, and long-time cat lovers.

Ms. Johnson-Bennett is a certified Cat Behavior Consultant, best-selling author of eight books, including Starting from Scratch and Psycho Kitty. She’s the former Vice-President of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and founder/co-chair of the organization’s Cat Division. She is a professional member of the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals and also on the American Humane Association’s Advisory Board on Animal Behavior and Training. She lives near Nashville, Tennessee.

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All My Children Wear Fur Coats (2nd Edition) is about leaving a legacy for your pet. The hallmark of true love is planning for your pet’s future without you, and for your future without your pet.

Written by Peggy Hoyt, an estate planning lawyer with pet estate planning expertise, All My Children Wear Fur Coats is a book that explores all the alternatives for planning for your pet’s future with or without you, through estate planning for animals. This book is for anyone who has ever loved a pet and wondered what he or she would do if their pet were no longer with them or what their pet would do if they were no longer there.

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The Legend of Barknight is a tale of how an average dog named Salty breaks the spell of selfishness that bewitches humans. By enlisting the help of all the world’s dogs, Salty changes the hearts of people forever. It’s a story about determination, cooperation, and faith that creates Barknight – a long overdue holiday where people can give special thanks to their dogs, as well as all the pets that keep us company and continue to warm our lives.

Do you Barknight? You certainly will after you read The Legend of Barknight.

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Picking up in Animal Camp where she left off in Where the Blind Horse Sings, Kathy Stevens regales us with more tales of the rescued animals at Catskill Animal Sanctuary (Saugerties, New York 12477), some touching, some hilarious, all provocative.

We meet Barbie, the broiler hen found hiding under a blue Honda in Brooklyn who falls for the animal ambassador Rambo, a ram with an uncanny sense of what others need. Then there’s Norma Rae, the turkey rescued from a “turkey bowl” just before Thanksgiving. There’s also Noah, a twenty-one-year-old stallion, starved and locked in a dark stall for his entire life until he came to the safety and plenty of CAS. Claude, the giant pink free-range pig, is but another of the “underfoot family,” those who roam the barnyard, free and with dignity, interacting with their own and other species in startling and profound ways.

The love Stevens has for these animals, and the amount of love they give her in return, is stunning and will make any reader more thoughtful of how we treat a whole class of animals in this country. Pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys, horses, goats, sheep, and more, march into CAS and into our hearts as we learn about their quirks and personalities and what makes us human.

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A book featuring the loveable faces and captivating stories of some of the rescued animals who reside at the bi-coastal shelters of Farm Sanctuary has won the Gold Medal in the Animals/Pets category of the Independent Publishers Awards (referred to in the publishing industry as the “IPPY Awards”). Ninety-Five: Meeting America’s Farmed Animals in Stories and Photographs, released last year by nonprofit publisher No Voice Unheard, has already caused thousands of readers to reevaluate their assumptions about farmed animals.

Flush with beautiful, full-color photographs, Ninety-Five [ISBN: 978-0-97283-875-7; 168 pages; $19.95] is a compilation of work by vegan photographers and writers, telling the fascinating stories of farmed animals living in sanctuaries and homes across the country. From the irrepressible Fiona, a pig at Farm Sanctuary’s New York Shelter who wins the hearts of all who visit, to a sheep aptly named Lucky Lady, who cheated death by escaping an auction house and journeying through the streets of New York City, to California Shelter residents Loretta and Harrison, the inseparable mother-son bovine duo who were reunited to ensure their survival after Harrison was found near death as a tiny calf, their stories are compelling, enlightening, and always moving.

“Thanks to this book, people who may not have an opportunity to visit our shelters in New York and California will still be able to get to know some of our residents,” says Susie Coston, national shelter director for Farm Sanctuary. “When people meet farm animals, either in person or through stories and photographs, it changes the way they think about these complex beings. Suddenly, they are individuals with likes, dislikes, hopes, and desires that aren’t so different from our own.”

Animal advocates have adopted the book as a personal outreach tool, giving it as a gift to friends and family to “show them why I’m veg.” They are also keeping copies on their desks or coffee tables and spreading the animals’ stories via social media.  Writes one advocate: “I have been able to get 30 copies in schools and libraries throughout my county. Working on churches next.”

According to Diane Leigh, No Voice Unheard co-founder, “For every person who reads Ninety-Five and decides to adopt a vegan diet, we know that approximately 95 animals are spared – hence the title of the book. We publish to honor animals and eliminate suffering; that is our ultimate goal.”

Ninety-Five previously received an Eric Hoffer Book Award, which “honors the memory of the great American philosopher Eric Hoffer by highlighting salient writing, as well as the independent spirit of small publishers.”

Copies of Ninety-Five: Meeting America’s Farmed Animals in Stories and Photographs can be ordered here.

About Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary is the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization. Since incorporating in 1986, Farm Sanctuary has worked to expose and stop cruel practices of the “food animal” industry through research and investigations, legal and institutional reforms, public awareness projects, youth education, and direct rescue and refuge efforts. Farm Sanctuary shelters in Watkins Glen, N.Y., and Orland, Calif., provide lifelong care for hundreds of rescued animals, who have become ambassadors for farm animals everywhere by educating visitors about the realities of factory farming. Additional information can be found at the Farm Sanctuary web site or by calling 607-583-2225.

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With Vegan on the Cheap, you can enjoy delicious vegan meals every day of the week. Veteran food writer and vegan authority Robin Robertson provides 150 mouth-watering, exciting recipes that cost just 50 cents to $2 per serving-hefty savings to go with hearty vegan meals.

This book presents great options for savory soups and stews, satisfying salads, hearty noodle dishes, first-class casseroles, favorites for the slow cooker, and meatless and dairy-free recipes for classics like pizza, burgers, and sandwiches. Plus, there’s even a chapter for desserts to satisfy every sweet tooth. Throughout the book, smart tips and creative ideas help you save money by cooking in bulk, prepping meals in advance, and finding tasty ways to reuse leftovers.

Includes 150 money-saving recipes for delicious vegan meals like Walnut-Dusted Fettuccine with Caramelized Vegetables and Fresh Pear Galette Written by renowned vegan and vegetarian expert and food writer Robin Robertson, author of 1,000 Vegan Recipes Features cost-per-serving icons that highlight the cost of each affordable dish Packed with affordable recipes and money-saving tips, this is the ultimate resource for every vegan kitchen.

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The ultimate keepsake for every puppy owner, Our Puppy’s Baby Book preserves those precious puppy moments.

This updated edition of the 1961 Howell classic records your new one’s first year–with lots of space for snapshots for your new best friend. Accompanied by Rovert Pilgrim’s timeless, enchanting illustrations, this one-of-a- kind tribute is essential for new puppy parents. 32 pages, 8×8 Hardcover.

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Max The Shelter Dog

Max The Shelter Dog is the story of an energetic and playful pit bull surrendered to a shelter by his owners, as told from a dog’s perspective.

Max is heartbroken as he struggles to run after his owner as she flees through the shelter doors. Left behind, Max has no choice but to endure his journey through the shelter system in the hopes of finding a forever home.

Be prepared to take a journey that will touch not only the heart of a child, but that of any adult who loves animals, especially pit bulls.

Before the American Pit Bull Terrier becomes an extinct form of breed because of the Breed Specific Legistlation (BSL) spreading like wildfire all over the world, please read as much as you can on the breed, educate yourself, and take action in your city or state. BSL has devestated the pit bull. Thousands of them are euthansized each day, and don’t have a chance of finding a loving home like yours.

A portion of the book’s proceeds is donated to charities that support the plight of the bully breed and all animals in need.

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Animal Assisted Therapy Activities to Motivate and Inspire was written by Chicago area AAT pioneer, Nancy Lind, who spills 25 years worth of experience into an easy to read, user friendly, and ultimately practical book. Unlike any other AAT book that’s currently on the market, Lind focuses her reader’s attention on the actual activities that make up the practice of animal assisted therapy.

According to Dulcey Lima OTR/L, Orthotic Interventions, Animal Assisted Therapy Activities to Motivate and Inspire is an excellent resource for pet therapy teams, educators, and therapists. Professionals will benefit from the clearly outlined instructions, with educational and clinical application suggestions from Nancy Lind. The goal-directed, cross-referenced charts in the appendix provide practitioners with the perfect framework for matching a participant’s goals to a specific pet-activated task. This book eliminates the need to reinvent activities for each setting, and challenges professionals to improvise. Core activities, combined with the special attributes of the pet and human team members, create the perfect context for participants with physical, social and educational challenges to enhance skills and experience success.

A portion of all proceeds is donated to Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy, Inc., a 501(c)(3) AAT Group in the Chicago area.

The book is $19.95 USD plus shipping and handling; fundraising/volume pricing starts at $15.00/book (within the US).

Please visit the Animal Assisted Therapy Activities web site for more information about the book and ordering information. The book is also available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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You care about your pet. You care about the environment. You want to make informed decisions when it comes to involving your furry or feathered family members in your mission to live more lightly on the planet. But how do you know if you’re providing for your pet in a way that will leave the Earth as resource-rich as it was before you acquired your dog, cat, or bird?

Pets and the Planet: A Practical Guide to Sustainable Pet Care gives you all the information you need to understand sustainability as a pet owner and arms you with the know-how to make the best choices for your pet and the environment. You’ll get a list of the best available options for:

  • Choosing pet food (and decoding labels)
  • Purchasing green pet equipment and toys
  • Disposing of pet waste responsibly
  • Pets and household health

Thoroughly researched and packed with realistic guidelines for putting ideas into practice, Pets and the Planet is a virtual road map for sustainable pet parenthood.

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