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Bird Street Bistro

Are you having difficulty finding a healthy, quality, cook-and-serve bird food that is just right for all your feathered companions, especially the smaller birds in your flock? Wouldn’t it be great if this “all-natural” food cooked in only 3 to 15 minutes? Fowl Play has just the thing — Bird Street Bistro. Bird Street Bistro comes in 5 cook-and-serve food varieties: Cajun Bean on the Fly, CinnaSpice, Fiesta Feast on the Fly, Tropical Feast on the Fly, and Viva La Veggies. The three “on the fly” foods cook in just 3 minutes. The other varieties cook in only 15 minutes. All flavors are avian vet recommended. Bird Street Bistro uses only human grade ingredients with no fillers, additives, sulfites, preservatives, artificial colors, sugars, salts, or flavorings.

Critter, Fowl Play’s mascot (a Blue-Crowned Conure), eats a cook-and-serve food for breakfast — Fowl Play provides pelleted, dried, and raw foods for the remainder of the day. Because she turns up her beak at large chunks of cooked foods, and they love her so much, they have (in the past) sorted through and discarded certain food pieces either before or after cooking. With Bird Street Bistro there is no need to sort. The food pieces are very easy for her, and even for much smaller birds, to chew. Critter accepted this cooked food immediately and has eaten more of it than any other cook-and-serve food we have tried.

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The Medium Java Table Stand from King’s Cages is great fun for birds of all sizes, from African Greys, Amazons, and Cockatoos, to other medium and large birds.

Your birds will think they’re back in the jungle!

Java Wood is harder than Manzanita, Grapevine, or Dragonwood, and is guaranteed to be insect free.  Each Java Wood Tree is unique, and will be a beautiful addition to your living space.

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The Deluxe Foraging Tree Station combines the lift-off top of the Traveler, a natural sandblasted Manzanita tree with cross branches, a pull out ABS plastic tray, a metal base, and furniture quality casters.

The best part? It comes with 5 feeder stations, plastic crocks, and 2 toy holders plus 2 toy hooks. There’s even an extra foraging spot on the tray! Available in Desert Stone only.

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Using this ‘Real Speech’ system for only 15 minutes a day teaches your parrot how to speak more words, phrases, and songs than you can ever imagine. Even species that can’t talk will whistle your favorite tunes.

The system also works to teach bigger or smaller species, older birds, or birds with difficult personalities. It even teaches tough, stubborn, ‘non-talkers’ to speak clearly, sing beautifully, and whistle a happy tune.

This is the first parrot training program that actually shows a professional instructor teaching an aggressive bird best behavior patterns while you watch.

Chet Womach, President of Womach Brothers Productions, states: “Because people get to see a live bird being trained, not just a pre-trained, nice bird being run through the techniques, they see how the bird will not cooperate, and see how I overcome that on the videos which gives them hope they can do it too with their bird.”

While this parrot training program may sound too good to be true, there are case studies from the vendor to back up their claim.

Chet Womach goes on to say: “I have several case studies, one is from Yasmin Aikman. She had recently been using some of my techniques to get her bird to come to her when called. One day the bird got loose and flew into a high tree and got his harness stuck on a branch. The fire department couldn’t get the bird down, so they called in a sharpshooter to shoot at the harness strap to break the bird free. The shot scared the bird half to death, and it flew off and did not return until the next day. A neighbor called Yasmin saying she heard a bird’s voice calling for her up in a tree. The bird had developed such a strong bond by using the training I teach that it not only returned to that same tree it was stuck in the day before, but it also called for its owner by name. Yasmin used the techniques I teach for getting a bird to come and step up when told in order to coax it out of the tree and onto her hand, and it was a VERY tall tree!”

While parrot training is an important component of the tools available from Womach Brother Productions, this program is also suitable for other types of birds including cockatoos, macaws, cockatiels, and conures. For more information on this unique and effective video program, visit the Womach Brothers Productions web site, where there are many more details available, as well as bonus materials and testimonials from past clients.

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ZIEIS Avian Bird Scale

The ZIEIS Avian Bird Scale is available with a customizable perch to match your bird’s unique colors.

Unlike dangerous wood stains or harmful paints, ZIEIS employs an exclusive wood coloring process that utilizes a special blend of organic and other inert compounds to produce bold and beautiful colors that are non-toxic and 100% safe for your bird.

These exclusive perches are not only hand crafted in the USA, the custom-made rubber suctions cups are also made in the USA, plus the beautiful wood use for the perches is also harvested and milled in the USA.

This series of colored perches features a “removable suction cup” for fast and easy mounting. This option will allow you to use the perch and scale independently.

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The Avian Adventures Parrot Play Stand is ideal for small to medium Cockatoos, Macaws, and Toucans. It meets the Pampered Pet Mart’s strict requirements for safety, innovation, and good looks, all at an economical price.

The unit includes a lower tray and a perch to keep your bird comfortable. Your parrot will entertain himself with two food cups and a removable toy hook, and most of all, the freedom. The simple construction and size of the Parrot Play Stand will allow you to store it easily when not in use. A wheeled base allows for easy transportation.

Whether you need to entertain your bird while cleaning a cage, or your bird just needs a change of scenery, the Parrot Play Stand fits the bill.

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Pet Tents by Hangall are snuggly fabric havens for parrots, birds, cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, and other small pets.

The tents are available from Windy City Parrot in several sizes.

  • Tent easily collapses for storage.
  • Pops open for continued use anywhere.
  • Fabric loop at top
  • Lined bottom
  • Inside pocket to insert cardboard square to firm bottom. Easily replaceable.
  • Made in the USA
  • Tropical fabric patterns vary

For extra comfort, try washable Hangall Fleece liners inside the tent.

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Captive Foraging DVD

This innovative DVD is destined to change the way caretakers view their captive birds.

Based on the model of the natural foraging instinct of all animals, author and videographer Dr. Scott Echols introduces the concept of including a foraging tree in a bird’s enclosure for environmental enrichment. The video describes how a foraging tree can potentially reduce the incidence of unwanted behaviors in captive birds. Also included are step-by-step directions on how to use a foraging tree as well as safe foraging toys for birds. A separate Special Feature details scientific information about the bird species included in the program.

Dr. Echols is well known in the avian veterinary and aviculture communities. A graduate of Texas A&M University, he is the 2006-2007 president-elect of the Association of Avian Veterinarians, is an editorial reviewer for the Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery, and functions as application reviewer and contributor to examination questions for the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners. He is a prolific author and a frequent speaker at international conferences. Dr. Echols has also created numerous educational digital videos and is an accomplished wildlife artist.

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Lafeber’s El Paso Nutri-Berries for parrots is a nutritious gourmet food formulated by avian nutritionists to meet your bird’s dietary needs.

El Paso Nutri-Berries offer high quality ingredients such as red, green and chili peppers, garlic, cumin, and corn.

Throughout the history of the Lafeber Company, quality has been the key to success. Attention to the ingredients used in the product line, along with a strong focus on the needs of its customers, have helped Lafeber Company establish a reputation as one of the premier companies in the pet food industry. Its mission to this day revolves around the simple premise Dr. Lafeber established many years ago: Working for the health of birds.

Products include Nutri-Meals; Nutri-Nuts; Popcorn Nutri-Berries; JungleJoy Parrot Toy; Original Nutri-Berries; Tropical Fruit Nutri-Berries; Sunny Orchard Nutri-Berries; El Paso Nutri-Berries; Garden Veggie Nutri-Berries; Avi-Cakes; Birditos; Premium Daily Diet Pellets; Nuts’n’ Nuggets; Lafeber Bird Vitamins; Nutri-Start Baby Bird Food; and Doc Lafeber’s book.

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Biggie Birdie Bagel

This very large birdie bagel from California Bird Nerds measures 7″ across.

Turn it into a swing for medium birds, or use as a foot toy for larger birds.

California Bird Nerds specializes in safe bird toys and bird toy parts at low prices without compromising quality. Bird toys and bird toy parts are zinc free, and use only vegetable-tanned leather.

California Bird Nerds is run by Jeanne with loving help from her husband Mike. Jeanne is a part-time biology teacher at a local high school (when she is not making bird toys). Mike is a computer tech at the local junior college.

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