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The Feathered Fun™ Wall Mount Activity Center by Super Pet® is a versatile and portable way to have fun and bond with your bird. This furniture quality photo cabinet, easily mounts to walls, and transforms into a fully functional activity center. Features two 8 x 10 photo frame doors. Comes with a removable tray for easy cleanup, twist lock dishes for secure placement, and multiple attachment points for your bird’s favorite toys (toys not included).

The Feathered Fun ™ Wall Mount Activity Center measures 20″ L x 3.5″ W x 12″ H (when closed) and was made with your Parakeets, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, small Conures, and other small companion birds in mind.

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The Feathered Phonics system, available from New York Bird Supply, has broken through the barrier of ordinary bird training products. Now you can easily train your parakeet, cockatiel, or parrot to speak with Feathered Phonics’ specially prepared compact discs.

Feathered Phonics 1

It’s easy to teach your bird to speak with Feathered Phonics! Simply choose the track you wish to teach and press “repeat” on your CD player. CD features 96 tracks, including Hello, Good Bye, I Love You, and Here kitty kitty! Price: $16.95

Feathered Phonics 2

Your bird will be a singing sensation in no time with this jam-packed CD of great musical hits. Songs are recorded in voice and whistled tunes. Great for all types of birds, even canaries. Songs include old-time favorites, nursery rhymes, and patriotic musical hits. Price: $16.95

Feathered Phonics 3

96 sound effects and words – your bird can be quacking like a duck and saying a cheery cock-a-doodle-doo! Disc includes favorite farmyard sounds as well as food association training to have your bird asking for food by name. Plus, you can teach your bird his or her own phone number. Price: $16.95

Feathered Phonics 4

Words and phrases on this newest disc include: Ahoy! Aye Aye Captain, How are you? Also included are background noises your bird will love! 96 more phrasse and words, plus a fun bonus: – lots of pirate phrases! Price: $16.95

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Available from Chirp n Squawk, the Scooter Z Sleep Tent has a solid plastic frame bottom and cotton tropical print fabric on the outside with warm, cozy fleece on the inside. The Scooter Z Sleep Tent comes with two quick links. The tent can be hung or stand by itself at the bottom of the cage.

Two styles of tent are available. The Sturdy Sleep Tent has a plastic frame on all three sides; the Soft Sleep Tent has a sturdy plastic bottom and soft sides.

Available in five sizes for parrotlets through cockatoos, the tents are machine washable in the gentle cycle on cold water and low heat dry.

Chirp n Squawk also carries bird food, bird treats, bird toys, bird cages, bird carriers, bird apparel, books, CDs, and videos.

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Garden Kabob for Birds

The small size Garden Kabob is great for hanging fruits cut into chunks, as well as vegetables such as corn on the cob, carrots, and other foods

Available from Nature Chest Bird Shop, the Garden Kabob can be personalized with all the favorite foods your bird likes to eat. A great way to get your bird to forage for his or her food.

The owners of Nature Chest Bird Shop (Decatur, Alabama 35601) have been keeping and breeding birds since 1984, and opened The Nature Chest Bird Shop in 1996. All of their babies are hand fed, with lots of TLC, abundantly weaned, fledged, and vet checked. If you are in the North Alabama area, they would love for you to come by and visit. They do not ship any of their birds at this time.

Nature Chest also does gentle bird grooming, and runs a “Birdie Camp” for the birds they sell who may need to be boarded during vacation times or holidays. If you did not purchase your bird from Nature Chest and would like to board your bird with them, they require a health certificate by an avian veterinarian within 30 days prior to boarding time. All boarding is done by reservation only, so be sure to contact Nature Chest early to make “camp” arrangements.

Nature Chest operates a bird safe haven, Nature’s Nest, for abused or unwanted birds as well as birds who just need a new home for various reasons. Birds that Nature’s Nest takes in are referred by local avian veterinarians, local animal shelters, or other local rescue groups. Birds are veterinarian checked and whenever possible, placed into new homes.

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FlightSuits are cleverly disguised, soft, stretchy, reusable pet bird diapers. They allow your feathered friends out of their cages both in and out of the house; worry-free from embarrassing accidents (poop). When used with an Avian Fashions’ Leash, they prevent dangerous fly-aways. FlightSuits are easy to put on and take off of your bird. They are great for travel. The fabric is breathable and easy to clean. You can use them over and over for years. The patented “poop-pouch” safely keeps droppings away from birds and you.

Purchase a FlightSuit that is sized exactly right for your particular bird! The experts at Avian Fashions have created a list of the most common types of birds that are kept as pets. Scroll through this list to find your bird and proceed to select the options for your new FlightSuit. It’s that easy!

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Harrison’s Bird Foods is a family of certified organic, formulated diets that were created by avian veterinarians and nutritionists with the health of your bird in mind. The formulas require little or no supplementation.

Dr. Greg Harrison, the main developer of Harrison’s Bird Foods, is a certified avian specialist with 34 years experience in bird care. He has transformed his practice into an avian wellness clinic that incorporates preventive medicine through proper nutrition with Harrison’s Bird Foods.

Harrison’s is sold in veterinary clinics throughout the world.

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After nearly a decade of building cages for personal use, CagesByDesign.com was established in 1998 as an enclosure manufacturer. The company has been selling directly to customers online, over the phone, and in person all over the United States ever since. This way, CagesByDesign.com gets valuable feedback directly from customers about what it is they are looking for in our products.

CagesByDesign.com doesn’t stop at excellent cage design for birds and reptiles. The company backs it up with a range of custom options and accessories it developed by gathering input from its customers. Its staff understands that every animal is different, and everyone has a different set of circumstances. Their goal is to do what they can to suit your individual needs. They have all the options and accessory items available to create a complete habitat from start to finish for practically any circumstance.

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Your birds can feel like they have escaped to the jungle tops with this uniquely designed palm rope. It features big chunks of wood to for chewing fun while climbing.

Available from EverythingBirdie.com, the Sandy Perch Jungle Fever Rope is appropriate for small and medium birds.

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Brown’s Extreme! Fruit & Nut Parrot Treat is loaded with natural chunky-chewy-crunchy fruits, nuts, and veggies that your bird will love.

Parrots, cockatoos, and macaws find these scrumptious morsels enticing, irresistible, nutritious, and fun to eat. The convenient zipper pouch makes it easy to reseal and maintain freshness.

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Lil Charmer Bird Toy

Available from Grey Feather Toys, the Lil Charmer bird toy offers an out-of-this-world experience of fun!

Ripply wood beads and hearts adorn this this cute toy, as well as acrylic jewels to add a bit of sparkle to your birdy’s cage or play area.

A stainless steel bell dangles temptingly from stainless steel chains, accompanied by brilliant acrylic pacifiers easy for your feathered friend to move them about.

Pacifiers, sized exactly right for small bird tongues, make this toy an unending source of beaking delight.

Grey Feather Toys carries a variety of toys for birds of all sizes, as well as toys for rabbits and exotic animals, natural parrot food, parrot goodies, and gifts for parrot lovers.

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