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“Ah, ze early morning in Bikini Bottom, when the jellyfish are buzzing about and making their jellyfish jelly.”

You and your children will enjoy endless hours of underwater excitement with this Spongebob Squarepants Jelly Fishing Aquarium Kit. This playful package comes complete with all components necessary to recreate this magical world.

Introduce your children to the responsibilities of pet ownership with this 3-gallon aquarium kit. The kit features: Spongebob and Patrick decorative ornaments, fun-filled stickers, and a colorful aquarium background. Just add water, gravel, and fish; and this amazing aquarium will come to life as SpongeBob and Patrick prepare to go jellyfishing.

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John Bielanski of Tanks Direct, LLC, proud owner of FishTanksDirect.com has launched a new branch of the latest fine quality aquariums at BioRBFishTanks.com.

BiOrB fish tanks are the ultimate unique aquarium system that combine the aesthetic appeal of a traditional fish bowl with a high-tech performance filtration system.

The BiOrB fish tank looks like a traditional goldfish bowl but has an unusual, low maintenance filtration system to keep it clean. Whether a person has a great deal of experience owning fish or is a novice, a BiOrb fish tank offers unbeatable convenience with incredible beauty. The specialized filtration system in the BiOrb fish tank is simple and changing the cartridge does not even require emptying the water. Water in the BiOrb fish tank stays crystal clear for months between cartridge changes, which makes it easy to maintain. Fish in the BiOrb will enjoy a healthy environment and busy aquarium owners can have the peaceful pleasure of owning a low maintenance fish tank.

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Aqua Euro Open Top Aquarium Systems, available from Aquatic Technology, provide quality seamless, curved glass for optimal viewing; built-in 3-stage filtration system – mechanical, chemical, biological; filtration system: filter sponge, ceramic cylinders, bio-balls, carbon. This high-performance aquarium is perfect for home or office.

Aquatic Technology strives to provide the best possible service, marine live stock, and marine and reef aquarium supplies at the best possible prices. The company also provides free and expert advice.

Products include all necessary additives and supplies for reef and saltwater tanks. Additives are prepared from reagent grade chemicals, not technical grade, like most of the competition.

Other products include both fully cured and fresh Pohnpei, Fiji, Tonga, Alor, and Haiti live rock from around the world; protein skimmers from Red Sea , MTC (Marine Technical Concepts), CPR, and ETSS; test kits from Salifert and Red Sea; calcium reactors and CO2 equipment from Red Sea, Aqua Medic, MTC, and Milwaukee Instruments; aquarium chillers by Aqua Medic and Pacific Coast; metal halide, VHO, and compact fluorescent lighting systems by Hamilton Technology, Coral Life, and Aqua Medic; aquarium and pond pumps from Aqua Medic, Eugene Danner Mfg. Inc, Supreme Pondmaster, Little Giant Pump Company, Pacific Coast, Rio, Taam, and Via Aqua; and a huge selection of discounted metal halide, VHO, compact fluorescent, T5 and fluorescent light bulbs from URI, Ultraviolet Resources International, Hamilton Technology, Radium, Ushio, & ALS in 6500K, 10,000K, 12,000K, 20000K temperature ratings.

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Each aquarium in the River Treasures Collection from AquaticHouse Aquarium Supplies features a hand-painted, museum quality freshwater aquascape. The aquascape is crafted using only the finest non-toxic materials available.

As with any replicated aquarium décor, AquaticHouse recommends that the aquascape sculpture be rinsed in freshwater prior to set-up to ensure that any packing material residue or dust is removed from the tank before introducing fish.

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FishTanksDirect.com specializies in custom aquariums and has a huge selection of Tenecor fish tanks for sale. Its fish tank experts will help you pick the perfect aquarium or help you customize your existing fish tank.

FishTanksDirect.com also carries aquarium supplies, including protein skimmers, chillers, and UV sterilizers.

Owner John Bielanski believes that “pride in ownership” is more important than any profit. “We simply enjoy putting a piece of the ocean into our customer’s living rooms,” says Bielanski. “Our goal is to help our customers pick the perfect fish tank the first time.”

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