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Sophie’s Feline Remedy, available from FrogWorks, is a unique, all-natural skin care product for cats. Made with quality essential oils, Sophie’s Feline Remedy heals a variety of skin problems such as: mange, dermatitis, fungus, ring worm, small abrasions, stitches, flea and tick bites, hair and loss; it also promotes hair growth. Sophie’s Remedy has successfully treated cats with a variety of skin problems.

Frances Fitzgerald Cleveland has worked with horses for more than 25 years in a range of disciplines. Her aspirations started with horses and grew to include people and other animals. In 1996, Frances founded her company, FrogWorks. She has always aimed to heighten the well-being of people and animals naturally, through individualized use of essential oils.

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Vetericyn® Hot Spot Spray is a safe and effective treatment for a common skin condition found in dogs, cats, and other pets known as acute moist dermatitis or “hot spots.”

Hot spots are bacterial infections that develop on the skin, typically appearing as moist, raw, inflamed lesions in areas where moisture becomes trapped against the skin. The wounds tend to be painful and itchy, and pets will commonly scratch and bite the area in distress. This can cause the infection to spread rapidly, and in serious cases, the animal may require antibiotics or painkillers.

For the health and comfort of the pet, it is advisable to treat the hot spot quickly. Vetericyn® Hot Spot Spray is formulated to be as gentle as water, has no odor and does not sting when applied to the animal. The one-step product works within seconds to clean and treat the wound area and jump-starts the healing process. It is safe to the eyes, mouth, and nose, and poses no risk if ingested by the animal.


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Pure Care Herbal Skin Therapy Spray for Dogs and Cats is an exclusive, breakthrough formula of freshly prepared herbal extracts carefully researched to provide the very best of nature’s skin and coat repairing ingredients:

  • Calendula: helps relieve skin irritations and insect bites.
  • Comfrey: a natural source of allantoin which helps heal wounds and skin irritations and stimulate growth of healthy tissue.
  • Goldenseal: a botanical astringent with anti-fungal properties.
  • Rosemary: helps in the control of dandruff, itching and scaling.
  • Evening primrose oil: soothes skin irritations and rashes.
  • Clove oil: a natural anesthetic to help stop the itch.

Pure Care Spray is a gentle no-sting formula with a bitter taste to discourage chewing, licking, and fur biting.

Pure Care Spray soothes and helps heals hot spots, flea-bite, and allergic dermatitis. Pure Care Spray contains no alcohol or harsh chemicals. Pure Care Spray will help maintain the pet’s skin and coat in optimum condition. For best results, use in conjunction with Pure Care Herbal Skin Therapy Shampoo for Dogs and Cats and other PurePet products.

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